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Roy and Lisa Yabuki – Campus Staff / DFW Director


While Roy looks Japanese and has a Japanese last name, he was born in Los Angeles, California and so he does not speak Japanese well. His parents were once international students many years ago and so he has developed a heart for those from other countries. He was trained as a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer at Princeton University and worked in that field since 1988 but his passion is to serve people. Roy is a graduate student at Dallas Theological Seminary and Moody Bible Institute. He currently serves as the Rocky Mountain and Plains Regional Director for ISI and helps out at UTA and serves as the UTA Big Howdy Director. Roy was campus director at UTA until 2006 and the North Texas Area Director until 2015.

His hobbies are Computers, mountain biking, basketball, tennis and playing with his sons, Jonathan and Timothy and daughter Charis. His parents and his sister’s family still live in Los Angeles, CA.


Lisa was born and mostly raised in Orange County, California. After elementary school, she moved to Portland, Oregon for a while but got tired of the rain and moved back down to California to attend Biola University with a Liberal Studies major. She has always had in interest in people from other countries. A summer trip to Japan made her find her passion in serving people from other countries. She later got her Masters Degree in Teaching English to speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from California State University, Fullerton. She currently works at Dallas Baptist University as an ESL teacher. Her hobbies are reading books and the newspaper and having fun with Jonathan, Timothy & Charis. Lisa has three brothers and two sisters living all over the country.


Roy and Lisa got to know each other well through a group that helps international students. Through that interaction they fell in love and were eventually married in 1994. They joined ISI in 1996 while they were in California. They have two energetic sons named Jonathan and Timothy and daughter Charis. They moved to Texas in January, 1998 where they have been helping international student understand the love of Christ since.

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